Project C.A.K.E. brings workshop to the YMCA

One of our missions at Project C.A.K.E. is to engage and inspire younger generations to help make the world a little better.

It was a wonderful day at the YMCA! Our workshop began with Brooke reading her book A Million Small Things. The kids were captivated by the book’s colorful pages and listened as the book highlighted ways to show acts of kindness.

Following the reading of the book the kids enthusiastically shared ways they could display acts of kindness. It was a great discussion and there was no shortage of answers and suggestions ranging from “helping mom wash dishes” to “saying hi and thank you to the mail carrier”, to “not stepping on a snail”!

After a lot of fun discussions, the kids sat down to make cards. It was a tangible way for them to show their affection and gratitude for someone. The array of cards created were beautifully decorated and had wonderful messages! There were cards for moms and dads, firemen, teachers, policemen, grandparents, friends and a doctor!